Friday, 12 October 2018

Hey! Some Movies!

My colleague, pal and all round superwomble Tim Worthington has a really good podcast titled "Looks Unfamiliar" which I'm proud to say I've been a guest on a few times. For the current edition Tim has taken some old podcasts of mine - "Talk About The Passion" and "Cult Bin Corner" - with a film theme (video nasties and Godzilla amongst other tidbits) and smooshed them neatly together to make the following special show:

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This movie 'memberin' is rather perfectly timed for me as this afternoon I took possession of the first printed copies of my new film trivia book "The Long Quiz Goodnight" which I'm happy to say you can buy right now!

Its a fun, quirky collection of rounds about all things cinematic and linked to the big screen from great opening lines to the final credits.Plus:

- Probably definitely true facts about Bill Murray, Bette Davis, Tim Cruise and John Wayne;
- What the censors cut from your favourite flick;
- The weirdest cameos committed to celluloid;
- Hoo-Ray For British Films!;
- A tribute to the biggest Box Office Bombs;
- Which movie myths are actually true and which are a load of old tut?;
- The best film deaths;
- Remembering Neon and the great movie magazines of the 90s;
- a foreword from comedian, podcast man and trainee Ghostbuster Paul Gannon from Cheapshow, Barshens and Digitiser: The Show.

PLUS: Adam and Joe's Toymovies, Disney, Movie siblings, in-flight movies, biopics, Monty Python, depression, sequels and Great Film Years from 1964 to 2010. AND LOTS MORE!

If you like my writing and this blog, consider getting yourself or a loved one a book. They're not in the shops and better than any socks this Christmas. OK, maybe not the alpaca ones as they're boss but, buy it? Ted Danson insists!

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